Pittsburgh Airport Terminals

Pittsburgh Airport is formed by two main buildings known as Landside and Airside Terminal.



Inter-terminal transportation

Both terminals are connected to each other by an underground people mover.


From the transit level, passengers can get to the Hyatt Regency Hotel ans to the Extended Term Parking (eastbound) and to the Airside Terminal (westbound).


From the Airmall level of the Landside Terminal it is possible to get to Concourses A to D.




See below further information about both terminals in PIT Airport:



Landside terminal

It is the closest facility to the parking lots and connects directly with the ground transportation.

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Airside terminal

It consists of four concourses: A, B, C and D.

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See below more information about the Concourses at Pittsburgh Airport:


Concourse A

It has gates from A1 to A25. The concourse hosts:

- Southwest

- Air Canada

- United Airlines and United Express


Concourse B

It has gates from B27 to B50. It is used by:

- Alaska Airlines

- American Airlines


Concourse C

It has gates from C51 to C61. It hosts:

- Allegiant Air

- British Airways

- Condor

- Frontier Airlines

- Southern Airways Express

- WOW Air


Concourse D

It has gates from D76 to D89. It hosts:

- Delta Air Lines

- JetBlue

- Spirit




This terminal has major shops at the airport with known and international brands. On the Mezzanine Level (upper the Airside level) there is the chapel and Admirals Clubs (American Airlines).


Throughout the airport there are located as well the Carnegie Science Center and other historic sites Pittsburgh Aviation History Displays.