Pittsburgh Airport Guide to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

See Pittsburgh Airport Parking options:

Short-Term Parking Lot

It is the good option for drivers or passengers that need to stay less than 24 hours in the airport’s facilities.

The parking lot has over 2,000 parking spaces - some of them covered - and it is located at the airport entrance.

There is an entrance adapted for disabled passengers.


- First hour - $2

- Each additional hour or part thereof - $4

- Maximum per day - $26

At Pittsburgh Airport there is an Electric Vehicle Charging located in the Level 2 and 3 of the Short-Term Parking area. There are 6 parking spaces available.

Long-Term Parking

It is a good option for trips for one or two nights. It is located close to the landside terminal and there is a people moving walkway to access easily to the terminal building.

It has more than 3,700 parking spaces and it has an easy disable access for passengers with special needs.


- Each additional hour or part thereof - $3

- Maximum per day - $16

Extended Parking

It is the cheapest option for passengers that need to park their car during a long trip. There is a free shuttle service that goes and comes back to the Pittsburgh airport building.

It has more than 7,300 parking spaces and it has an easy access for passengers with special needs.

It is only a daily parking.


- First hour - For free

- Second hour - $2

- After 2 hours - $8

- Maximum per day - $8

Gold Key Lot Parking

Daily and monthly options available. It is possible to pre-book your stay as late as 2 hours before arrival. Contact: +1 412 472-5050.


- Daily - $30

- Each additional hour - $5

- Monthly - $300

Disabled parking

Passengers with disabled permits or plates are entitled to the lowest application rate to their stay regardless of which lot they park in.

VIP Parking

There is a Valet (VIP) Parking at PIT Airport for passengers that need to park quickly and easily. Just follow the signs well marked through the airport.

To get more information, please, call the following number: +1 (412) 472 3001.


Per day - $29.99 + tax

There are additional services offered to all passengers as wash the car or change the oil among others.

Cell Phone Parking

For picking up travelers, park in the cell lot for free for the first hour, $2 for the second hour (extended lot) or the short term garage for a $1 for the first hour.

*Prices are subject to change.


The link below will direct you to the various discount methods and prices for parking. Parking maps, rates, online booking and customer satisfaction ratings are provided.


Pittsburgh International Airport Parking

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Pittsburgh International Airport Parking