Pittsburgh Airport Landside Terminal

The Landside Terminal in Pittsburgh Airport is home of the all pre-security facilities.


It is the access point for travelers whose flights originate from Pittsburgh Airport, and therefore Departures.


There is a hotel and convention center which is directly attached via moving walkway to the terminal.



Inter-terminal transportation

Both terminals are connected to each other by an underground people mover.


From the transit level, passengers can get to the Hyatt Regency Hotel and to the Extended Term Parking (eastbound) and to the Airside Terminal (westbound).


From the Airmall level of the Landside Terminal it is possible to get to Concourses A to D.




The Landside Terminal in PIT Airport consists of the levels displayed below:


Lower level: The Baggage claim level. Find in this level all the baggage claim facilities, including ground transportation options outside of the hall (taxi, express shuttle and rental cars).

Find on the north side baggage carousels A to E, and on the south side baggage carousels J to L and P and R.

Services: ATM,

Airport Ambassador Station, the Pittsburgh Welcome Center, pet relief area, boarding pass kiosks.


Mid-level: The Transit level. This is the connecting level where the moving walkway is located and joints the Hyatt Regency Hotels and the Extended Parking on the east and west to the Airside Terminal and further services such as information desk, security checkpoint.


Upper level: The Ticketing level. Find both escalators and elevator in the center to move between levels. Ticket counters are located from north to south of the terminal. Services: Global Entry enrollment center, TSA oversized baggage, baggage screening points, wheelchair services.




Find the following services at Pittsburgh Airport Landside Terminal:


  • ATMs
  • Currency exchange
  • Airport Ambassador Station
  • Food, drink and retail concessions
  • Pittsburgh Welcome Center
  • Pet relief area
  • Boarding pass kiosks
  • Information desk
  • Ticket counters
  • Global Entry enrollment center
  • TSA oversized baggage
  • Baggage screening points
  • Wheelchair services


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